Adrian Chamberlin Bio



1998 - Lovebite -Guy N Smith's Graveyard Rendezvous 19


2000 - Totality  - Graveyard Rendezvous 21


2003 - Unsecured Load (Great Scribblers online competition) - third place


2008 - Spectre at the Feast (Roundandabout's Winter Tale competition) - second place


2009 - Crabmeat ( monthly competition) - third place


2010 - Winter Sun  - Tasmaniac Publication's Festive Fear- Global Edition anthology


             W is for Warpigs  - John Prescott's M is for Monster anthology


             The Bodymen -  Dark Continents Publishing’s The Spectrum Collection



2011 - Daughters of the Night  - HorrorBound's Fear of the Dark


            False Light - Lovecraft eZine (March issue)


            Sunrise at the Portara - UnEarthed Press’s Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of  Damnation                 


            Wonder and Glory - Static Press’s Monk Punk anthology


            Fisher of Men -  Hersham Horror Books’ ALT-DEAD anthology


            Purity Through Pain (with Suzanne Robb & Ian Kobe) - Pill Hill Press’s  

             Epocalypse: Emails at the End                                


             Aqua Mortis - Dark Continents Publishing’s Phobophobia


            The Interview - Evil Jester Press’s Help! Wanted!


            False Light (reprint) - British Fantasy Society’s Full Fathom Forty


            Kriegsmaterial - Hersham Horror Books’ Fogbound From 5



2012 - Feeding the Black Dog - Hidden Thoughts Press’s  Mental Wellness: Real Stories From Survivors


            Resisting Ragnarok - Wicked East Press’s Read The End First


            The Third Day - Hersham Horror’s Alt-Zombie


2013 - T is for Titivillus - Western Legends’ Demonologia Biblica


            Shadrach Besieged - John Prescott’s Dreaming in Darkness


            Stranger Crossings - Screaming Dreams’ Cthulhu Cymraeg - Lovecraftian Tales From Wales


            The Fourteenth Visitor - Western Legends’ Bestiarum Vocabulum



2014 - Serpents of Albion - Innsmouth Free Press’s Sword & Mythos  


             Graveland (topsoil) - Dark Continents Publishing’s Phobophobias (forthcoming)            






M IS FOR MONSTER - contains "Warpigs"
FEAR OF THE DARK - contains "Daughters of the Night"
The Spectrum Collection - contains The Bodymen
MONK PUNK - contains Wonder and Glory
ALT-DEAD - contains Fisher of Men
 March 2011 issue, contains FALSE LIGHT
EPOCALYPSE - contains "Purity Through Pain"
HELP! WANTED! - contains "The Interview"
FOGBOUND FROM 5 - contains "Kriegsmaterial"
MENTAL WELLNESS - contains "Feeding the Black Dog"
PHOBOPHOBIA - contains "Aqua Mortis"
FESTIVE FEAR 2: GLOBAL EDITION - contains "Winter Sun"
ANTHOLOGY OF ICHOR III - contains "Sunrise at the Portara"
READ THE END FIRST - contains "Resisting Ragnarok"

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DARK SIDE OF THE SUN - four story collection
ALT-ZOMBIE - contains "The Third Day"